A New Degree path...potentially a new way to learn and develop

In recent days I have been thinking about the Emeritus Micro-credential model – I wanted to write some more about that, since the business plans, education strategy, and course content collaboration model is a distinct, 'gap closing' strategy – In short, I like it.

Emeritus are working in close Partnership with some of the best Universities across the globe, currently 80 + and delivering in multiple languages, very specific and targeted courses.

The key differentiator here is the courses are all on-line are created by well credentialed University course builders and conclude on course completion with a Micro-Credential (MC) from the issuing University and Emeritus.

This unique feature alone potentially creates a ‘pathway to life-long-learning’ post a formal education or even supplementing other educations levels achieved.

Whilst many other applications are speeding towards Artificial (AI) or machine Learning (ML) to deliver Skills based thinking, advice, direction and learning objects.

They all miss a key aspect in my view, a key aspect all University Degree qualified People, people who care and know the value of that initial certification; completed degree (one they will have worked hard to achieve and invested time carefully selecting the learning institution). They will all care deeply about that very aspect, the Institution they selected, the perceived and life-long associative value of belonging to the alumni, feeling less support for on-line general commercial education providers who lack the same gravitas or micro-credentialing or perhaps both.

In reality, I don’t want to glorify the degree, it has quickly reached a level that lacks a true measure beyond that ‘of-what-you-know-today', any degree qualification, even more so, in our current fast pace of changing skills development paradigm, will fall into an ‘out-of-date’ status in a very few short years – think here of Information Technology, Engineering, or Health Research as key areas.

Is it time to re-invent the degree to a model of continuous learning, life-long learning and new skills acquisition. We are in a fast changing time and we may need significant adjustments to maintain the credibility of Higher Education - turning it into something that can be proven by the University Educated to be current, relevant, and will be maintained into the future of their employ with new additional credentials...

I think the Emeritus solution or other similar learning content suppliers offers a pathway for clear ‘learning credential-based paths’ to be shared from chosen courses and Universities – establishing without doubt the learner is committed to ‘on-going life-long-learning’ achieved in-the-flow-of-work, with issued credentials to match. Building clarity and maintaining learning currency from the initial degree or qualification.

A very Positive place to be. In fact, it leads us to consider this outcome, 'a possible amalgamation of Micro Credentials', forming a ‘New Degree’ from known and Leading global University Institutions could create the future of a degree as we know it today.

No-longer a one-time multi-year event, but an individually crafted & chosen Education/Career Pathway supported in similar funding ways as a University Degree Education – differing in context, by remaining up-to-date with new content directions, thinking, and providing and evidence-based learning outcomes.

The author has no association with Emeritus and receives no recompense for any comments made - John

“A better place for any county that has its brightest people thinking about tomorrow”.

John Driscoll 03/05/2022
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