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Close the Skills Gap

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Start with a Skills Taxonomy - understand the the Skills you have, the Skills you need - close the Skills Gap

Never before has the urgency to move from push learning to a Business Skills based model existed. The core focus is on Future Business Skills and the closing the Skills Gap. How will you determine what your Skills Gap is if you don't yet have a clear handle of what Skills you have?

For the Workplace of the Future - the focus has rapidly shifted to Future Workplace Skills. The times have forced this change - as a business, you need to prepare for a up-skill & re-skill strategies to close skill gaps, to meet the capability needs, and to add new skills for emerging business technologies and models.

To add new Skills - be ready for the Innovation and Re-invention cycle that will follow this world crisis.

Business, already seeing major growth in analytics and big data. AI & ML is here now. Learning must take new paths, with new skills to take advantage of the emerging technologies. New business skills will ensure you can manage the process and what happens next.

The issue will be to determine what changes are to be made to what processes. In what priority & order, to effect the right changes to align with strategic planning. Only then can you determine what skills gaps you have and how you will close the gap.

Business Impacts - how to achieve that as a Business planned outcome.

Fine-tuned, targeted training is essential. No business, will have the excess capacity to create the learning content needed in either time or breadth of content, let alone the $$ cost.

To ensure all employees are re-trained to meet the new demands - this has to be self-directed skills and learning program - targeted to the business needs. Aligned with the strategic business planning to deliver the required adjustments as quickly as possible.

Planned impacts. Not things that happened to your business.

Then you need to be able to ‘Measure the Impact’.

The measurements based on accurate data, gives you the capacity to make the fine-tuned management adjustments. Adjustments made from the measured results. Capture all the Skills data, the Skills Gap, the actions to close the gap, and working in real-time on closing the gap.

  • Ongoing access to tools that know 'me, my job/role'. What skills I have. What skills I need.

Achieve a deep understanding of the skills, competencies, capabilities and talent pool you already have.

What is the Skills-gap? Simply the 'empty space' between -Skills you already have, and the skills you need next.

Your Total talent pool are your ‘core resources team’. With the Skills they have now. What Skills your business needs next, gives you the data on the Skills Gap to close.

You can supplement your teams 'skill gaps' with external, highly talented focused resources, ready & skilled in areas you need. Or urgently re-skill and up-skill teams, and people to meet the new business demands.

Closing the skills-gap can only be achieved when you identify and understand what 'resource gaps exist' in your core team.

This demands a precise understanding of the inherent skills, capabilities, talents and qualifications you have at your finger-tips. Start that process with a Skills Taxonomy.

The principal goal is taking the business Strategy & Planning forward into effective execution. With the right Skills to execute the Plan.

The key Step for any business wanting to gain new Future Business Skills is a 'Skills Taxonomy' follow this Blog and we will update the Blog with links to detailed video presentation of how you can achieve a complete 'Skills Taxonomy' to uncover all the Skills you have, vs the Skills you need - Uncover, your own Skills Gap.

We'll cover with detailed steps and processes how to review all your Business Roles, what Skills are in each of those Roles and how to identify them. Where are you rich in the right Business Skills - where are you poor. Where are you destitute. Learn now, and get the 'skills currency' you need to win in the changing world economy we find ourselves in.

If you want to learn more about developing you own Skills Taxonomy Approach - reach out to Agylis ANZ. Sign-up to this Blog (if not already a member 'Log In' will take you to the easy sign-up page - e-mail alerts for posts - no junk mail) and you'll be notified when the YouTube video - Future Skills is posted with all the steps and processes to follow.

John Driscoll

Agylis ANZ

+61 (0)8 8311 3713

3 55 Gawler Place | Adelaide | South Australia | SA 5000

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