Close the Skills-gap to make Business Impacts

Updated: Feb 28

Evaluate yours skills - understand the 'skills gap' - close the gap

Can we really achieve Business Impacts with Learning? Yes, certainly.

“Business Impacts are only achieved when changes are established, executed and finessed. Changes that can be measured, to ensure that the right impacts have resulted.”

'Business impact' is a big trend in 2020 managing and delivering overall business performance, business agility and Skills.

Business, already seeing major growth in analytics and big data. AI & ML is here now. Learning must take new paths, with new skills to take advantage of the emerging technologies.

The core to success with this deluge of data is to know what you want to measure and why. To ensure sound business decisions evolve from the correct data.

The issue will be to determine what changes are to be made to what processes. In what priority & order, to effect the right changes to align with strategic planning.

Business Impacts - how to achieve that planned outcome.

Fine-tuned, targeted training is essential. Aligned with the strategic business planning to deliver the required adjustments. Planned impacts.

Then you need to be able to ‘Measure the Impact’.

The measurements based on accurate data, gives you the capacity to make the fine-tuned management adjustments. Adjustments made from the measured results.

If the changes made are to have lasting impact for the business, customer management or administrative processes. Or achieve measurable financial results, they must be fostered into action carefully. Adopted into the company ethos, to be part of 'what you do'.

Some keys are:

  • Learning designed to address all the people and management layers, the planned change affects.

  • Ongoing access to tools that know 'me, my job/role'. What skills I have. What skills I need.

Success means ongoing training and education support. Building that Learning culture.

A deeper understanding of the skills, competencies, capabilities and talent pool you already have.

That talent pool are your ‘core resources team’.

Remembering you can always supplement your teams 'skill gaps' with external, highly talented focused resources, ready & skilled in areas you need. Or re-skill and up-skill teams, and people to meet the new business demands

What is the Skills-gap? Simply the 'empty space' between -Skills you already have, and the skills you need next.

Closing the skills-gap can only be achieved when you identify and understand what 'resource gaps exist' in your core team.

This demands a precise understanding of the inherent skills, capabilities, talents and qualifications you have at your finger-tips.

The critical change is the point of focus from learning, to building skills. The key is making all learning - 'Learner-skill-centric' - learning based on individual Skills. Developing new Skills needed. Up-Skilling and re-skilling, helping all the people in the business engage in learning every day, developing skills with - 'Life-Long-Learning' - they will then close the skills gap for the business.

The principal goal is taking the business Strategy & Planning forward into effective execution. With the right Skills to execute the Plan.

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