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What's old is New again...

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Librarian curation skills!

Is this possible? Corporate learning excellence will need to rely on Librarian Skills??

The image of a Librarian standing quietly in the Library waiting to whisper to the next book borrower – is that that the image in your minds-eye?

Maybe true some years ago, however Libraries 'et-al' have re-emerged as centers of excellence in terms of data, on-line research, digital access and most of all Curation skillsData curation skills.

Since this is all leading to ‘re-skilling and up-skilling’ I may as well link that now, so you see where this is heading. In my view the new Skill in Corporate learning everywhere is Curation – to curate the vast cornucopia of available information. Knowledge and learning resources.

Learning itself says this is so, moving rapidly from limited information, managed and controlled, disseminated carefully (the era of the LMS) - to now. Data, information, learning content of all modalities is freely available in absolute abundance just about everywhere you look.

The critical skill to helping business target and align the right learning resource with the right learner, aimed to the right skill or skill groups. Will rely on two things - the LXP with the right skill based tools curators will use, and the skill of the curator(s) to help all the skilled people in the business (in careers that produce time-poor people) with the right 'Curated content', delivered to the learner based on skill, group, or learning pathway - learning, that drives their careers, skills and capability forward.

Welcome back the LIBRARIANS – where have you been? Apply for your new role at a business near you…..

Data Curation leaps out to me, as the fastest emerging skill, and front-of-pack when you consider the vast sum of data our world generates – 'un-thought-of' of a few short years ago, now the essential oil for the wheels of business, innovation, product development and service level improvements.

L&D, HR teams and C-Suite Executives all need a Librarian on the business team with Data curation skills, collaborating with your own Data Scientists to delve deep into the data surrounding your business. Using that data to assess the businesses very place in the world of commerce, ‘its essential reason for being’, and continuously updating the business model to meets needs and expectations of your critical and highly mobile clientele.

Get it right, and keep it right, customers stay. Find out what went wrong after they have left, is a poor cousin.

Use the right LXP tools in the hands of the L&/HR teams adding in the essential Data skills your business will need. Are just some of the Skills your business needs next. Learning how to create, build and manage those essential Skills on an ongoing basis to stay at the front-of-the-curve.

Find out how the best companies world-wide are using LXP's, Skills, up-skilling and re-skilling - the journey is just beginning. "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life - yesterday is no longer an opportunity...."

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