'The Innovators Guide to Emerging Skills'

Updated: Jan 16

It’s hard enough filling talent gaps for critical skills. Add the accelerating pace of technological and economic change, plus a diverse workforce, and it becomes increasingly difficult to know what skills will be critical tomorrow.

A future-proof talent strategy needs to account for all skills — including emerging skills — that are essential to products, service development, and business models.

What are Emerging Skills and How do we Plan for Them?

Emerging skills are the skills of the future. They’re often technical and can arrive suddenly, so it’s hard for companies to completely understand or plan for them.

The trick to planning is leaving the past in the past. The old way of filling skill gaps is rear-facing — being reactive when an emerging skill surfaces and then scrambling for a quick fix. Creative companies are doing the opposite by being proactive and planning for emerging skills with a forward-looking approach, effectively nipping skill gaps

in the bud before they become problematic. What we’re talking about are skills like Python, cyber-security, big data, Power BI, and even podcasting.

These skills are important today, but weren’t on many radars even five years ago. If you consider 2020 going forward, add-in in the sudden emergence of AI and Machine Learning (ML) and you'll see the consistent speed of change we are facing.

As the graph to the right suggests, demand for these skill sets has accelerated over the past year, so there are few, if any, veteran or other employees with these skills. The risk of falling behind on emerging skills is especially serious for companies in mature industries like telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods, where disruption is especially acute when new skills surface.

That means learning and talent leaders have a new priority: making sure their organization’s egg cartons are stocked with the emerging skills for where their markets are headed. This means identifying and acquiring emerging skills, a two-part problem traditional talent development strategies fail to address. If you want to learn more about dealing with your Emerging Skills business challenge - get a full copy of the report, 'The Innovators Guide to Emerging Skills'.

If you want to get a copy of the full report for business in Australia and New Zealand - click here and follow the Link. Please add the code 'IGTES' in additional information, to get your copy e-mailed to you.

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