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Education the new frontier

Updated: Jan 17

Not sure how or where to start with this, I have been saying data abundance and AI will change the landscape for so many things.

It does strike me now, that the Chat GPT genie is out-of-the-bottle AI is here in all its full glory. Chat GPT is the first - it will have many new cousins. We have been waiting for this moment, and no amount of hand wringing or 'Genie back into bottle stuffing' will change the landscape.

So how does this play out for Education? Simply put it means for Education "it all has to change as it has done successfully many times throughout human history".

The exciting part is the new skills it commands us all to utilise - we can't defeat AI, so let's all learn how to use it, for the good of humankind."

We have all been silent partners to AI/ML creation, most still don't know what the terms mean.

In Education terms it means assessments as a stage or state of Education delivery and success, can no-longer be backward looking:

How much of what we already know, have you remembered and understood? Is no- longer a valid assessment. Teaching what we already know is no-longer a valid stance.

"Teaching the skills of Testing the truth of what we find, or what the global community believes to be true, is."

Now the modus must be for Students, 'here is all we know about X - how would you explore, research, innovate or create, lead other thought leaders with the combined knowledge we have, to explore new frontiers?'

A much more enticing, value driven for all humanity, proposition.

Education should focus on teaching Students how to utilise and learn new aspects of AI in all circumstances how to utilise the new methods and technologies to explore the potential each has for development and better outcomes. Apply that new level of Access to information to innovation and creativity, explore and discover new frontiers of science, health, humanity.....

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