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Mobile learning - making it work

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

For 2018 the reality for most of us is, 'Learning is Mobile', ‘working outside the traditional office’ – Mobile Learning. For some, that means an occasional visit to a cafe', for others that means working at home with an occasional visit to the traditional office. For either scenario, business must change rapidly to accommodate this is a paradigm shift, so make sure it’s on your 2018 list to get done.

This Article is aiming to add some specific evidence based measures in global mobile learning technologies, the Info-graphic below that can be used by Corporate, Government or Education to assess the potential impacts and how to deal with these shifts, to get best Mobile Learning outcomes.

So much has been written about Millennial generation I’m not willing to weigh in here, other than to assert that the success in any form of business training content, must be available in an engaging micro-learning form, mobile capable, and on-line Learning based.

The 2017 global Learning Technologies Research Report (LTR) from Agylia, shows the value and engagement potential of Mobile learning for any business entity. You can get access to the full research report findings, micro learning modules used.

Agylia Mobile native learning Apps - iOS and Adroid

Contact AgylisANZ for full access to the LTR Research content - which includes: Apps, micro-learning courses, research data on mobile learning

If Mobile learning is not underway in your business now, or in planning stages, you run the risk of falling well behind in the hiring of great resources to keep the business momentum heading forward. New tech savvy employees place great store in the value of learning and training, spurning those businesses that do not provide appropriate resources. Does this matter to your business – I think so, this all relates to building, supporting and fostering, a culture of learning.

It would be helpful to suggest at this point, that there should be a couple or other areas that should be added to your Learning and LMS planning, those being x-API (or Experience API) and an LRS – Learning Record Store. Click on the LRS module on the AgylisANZ site Feature page for full information.

To find out how xAPI can help you contact Agylis ANZ

Both are key aspects that add overall value to the ability to record, track and report on external learning and the skills added, external courses undertaken by your learners adding to their individual measurable skills, capability and competence map. Doing this supports and develops a culture of learning, showing you (as a business) how to recognize and encourage ‘out-of-the-box’ individual development and learning.

Universities are challenged in the same ways as Corporate, with a clear and dynamic shift from an ‘Institution Centric’ (in-house model) to a ‘Student Centric’ (Mobile one), the parallels here are clear here for business as the workforce heads away from 19th century industrialization business practices – ‘the bell rings and work starts’, to a new-found desire to lead a balanced life, supported by technology.

A ‘life and living model’ that is individual priority based. That means personal choices, and family decisions like tending for sick children and ensuring education is a priority. It means, there is no longer a requirement, or even a warranted need, to endure two plus hours a day the traffic-jam tedium, just to get to the place of work.

The net change then is the old concept of ‘work-life-balance’ has morphed into ‘balancing all aspects of life, at the right time and place, when effort can be applied to get it done’.

The upside is work as we know it, can move to the coffee purveyor of choice, to a shaded spot outdoors, or wherever network access and personal choice will allow normal connectivity to conduct on-line working.

It means, the workplace has the immediate potential to 'virtualize' and move into the new stylish co-working spaces for remote and mobile teams, joining people from all other walks of life, co-working and communicating, this notion itself underpins the need for internal and external managed learning, social learning and collaboration.

Some immediate things come to mind for your business to embrace this change. Your business will need to have a modern LMS technology environment, SaaS and secure Cloud delivered, available all the time, with easy to use simple UI applications and services that run and deliver your business processes and training content.

You will need access to the best collaboration tools available, ones that allow much better than just e-mail for communication. I consider all workers either Remote, Management, or those needing to remain at the ‘traditional place of work’ – must have equal access to micro-learning, compliance and certification training, action based learning and video communication for collaboration and to keep the team engagement cohesion, to make it fun just add gamification.

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