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Innovation-the Race to make it better

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As we charge forward, heads down, breathing hard, legs whirling – it’s all for the race, the Human Race. How will we win, what will we win? Don’t think about it, pedal harder…

It appears we have lost sight of the end of the race, of victory – was there ever a view? Philosophers have for eons, debated our reason for being, being humans, the meaning of life. Monty Python may have come closest to defining that, or as learned from the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy - the answer is actually 42.

COVID-19 has thrown the curve ball at us – to challenge our perspective once more – only this time, I think we need an answer, one we can all continue to live with.

As the Peloton races down the road there will be strategies and plans, leaders will come and go, fall by the wayside. There will be outbreaks and crashes, people hurt – but the Race will go on to the end, it must.

Perhaps our reason for being is to help our co-inhabitants of the earth, be they human, wolf or fish. If we carefully review our actions and the outcomes of our actions, over the last Century we can only conclude, as humans we helped no-one, not even our fellow humans. As an outcome of failing to help our fellow humans, that failure was achieved at substantial cost to all other creature inhabitants of the earth, the very air we breathe, our climate, the earth itself.

We worry about the minutiae of life, travel time, roads, our cars and houses, clothes – but not that which sustains us as humans.

If you respect nothing else, realise COVID-19 is the roadblock that raises its metaphorical hand and says STOP. Stop the destruction of all things that matter, done only, so you can afford to access and attain so many things that don’t matter.

Think about this, in case that doesn’t resonate for you – If you had a factory, they produced all you needed to live. You decide with your neighbours it can also provide bricks for your new houses. They establish a working party. Between you, you start to dismantle the factory, brick by brick, building lovely new houses for each member, what joy.

Now sitting in your comfortable new house, all the other things you need and used to get in abundance, things that support your very existence seem to have disappeared – where will you get the essentials of life now? Still not to worry – lovely house.

We've adopted – perhaps always had the view that don’t worry, I’ll kick-shit down the road and our illustrious leaders can manage all the rest, if they stuff-up, I won’t vote for them – there, that fixes that.

Our new reality and the curve ball we did not expect – is, our leaders don’t know how to deal with this – the current actions are containment, minimise risk while you can, track & trace if it breaks out an ‘after the event action’ for events that will happen.

Time to take a step back think about the bigger picture, engage smart people with curiosity to ask, explore and understand the possible solutions, we all desperately need. No one big solution is the answer - a range of small solutions with similar goals.

Solutions valued and contributors to humans and fellow creatures’ outcomes. Harm nothing that has a rightful place on earth.

So eventually, I need to get the analogous theory across to Business and business learning.

Time for change – beyond doubt.

With some sound goals – beyond the mundane sell more, sell faster, support the revenue drive, increase the product turnover – “it’s for the shareholders” type of calls to action.

Let’s get back to reasoned development, for products and solutions that improve and sustain life on earth for all its inhabitants.

The punchline here is as a business, stop pushing the old mundane learning crap at the employees – employ the smartest people you can, people that can think for themselves, and teach them – to ask why, why do we do this, to be curious.

Let smart people loose on the problems – let INNOVATION and NEW THINKING define the solutions, products and services your business builds, creates and sells – then let those same smart people learn and acquire the right skills, new skills, or up-skill themselves to provide the skills that support that new direction.

The upshot in the new world we all want to live in will be Smart Buyers wanting better solutions. Buyers and Customers will work to find smart products, services and solutions from Smart businesses. Businesses employing smart, unleashed, thinking people – delivering to smart goals. I’ll tell you now, I’ll be using AI, Data Science to analyse your products and services – did you use the same tools to build them?

"Take charge of your Future Skills"

John Driscoll

Agylis ANZ

+61 (0)8 8311 3713

3 / 55 | Gawler Place | Adelaide | South Australia | SA 5000

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