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Corporate Learning in 2019

McKinsey Australia estimates that almost 50% of work tasks performed by people could be displaced by automation by 2030

2019 has a convergence of so many Corporate learning changes taking effect. The pace could be dizzying. What is certain, sitting on the ‘metaphorical fence’ waiting for change to become more evidence based, could be a serious flaw.

The key moves in 2019 are:

· Learning Ecosystems

· Focus on Skills, individual capability

· Collaboration tools

· xAPI

· Learning Record Store

· LMS with xAPI/LRS capability

· Life-long Learning - LXP - Skills based

With Learning shifting focus to individual Skills – managed and tracked in Corporate systems.

You need to address this in a logical pathways and processes to ensure you gain access to data. Create pathways to track, manage and access all you need to know about your corporate capability.

Attract and retain the best staff with skills you can, map the alignment of the skills needed to execute strategic business planning with your team’s current capability to deliver outcomes.

This is moving fast, start now or you’ll miss the race.

Time to be asking some questions and understand how they will play-out in your business.

  • How do we learn, and when do we learn?

  • Is the generation the learner belongs to, an aspect to consider in the learning curve?

  • How do we know what skills our staff have, and what level of skill or competence they have?

  • Do we have the Skills we need to deliver our future business plans – how do we measure those skills to a level we can assess the data and plan for gaps?

Many are leaving this process and learning to the way its always been done…learning on the job, leaving transfer of knowledge from ‘old-hands’.

Perhaps Osmosis is the ‘New way to learn’ this learning may achieve the very result we seek from Learning across the organisation.

Or will it?

Osmosis, often used as a tongue-in-cheek term for learning by ‘absorbing from an individual’s surroundings’, when no other learning is obvious or evident.

The first question you’d better answer if this is your ‘plan’:

What is being learned, and from whom?

What I’m getting at here, is, you need to be sure of the Skills and capabilities you have. To be sure your business plans will be achievable.

I think learning on the job - certainly. However from a world-class credentialed resource that attainment of that credential is a recognition of skill achievement.

“Make sure the skills are properly recorded, achieved by completion of world-renowned learning resources, and are measurable and achieved to an acceptable level (certified wherever possible).
Even better build a Skills map or Skills Baseline across your business. Know all the skills you need as a business, and how your business measures-up against those identified needs”.

An entire cross section of learning methods will need to be sought out by the learner, and to some extent, delivered by the business.

As a business keep what you already have that works. Add what your learners and business need to develop new skills.

Learn how to build a Learning Ecosystem with a low risk path, and retain your existing LMS(s) learning content.

Business needs to understand their future learners, their needs, motivations and most importantly their Skills. Skills they have now, or new skills they are seeking to acquire.

This engenders new ways for the Business to manage learning. Which will need to be rapidly implemented. Any business not recognizing this, falls to the back of the potential job seeker queue.

The key Trend for 2019

In 2019 the rapidly growing trend is ‘Individual Skills Based’ orientation.

Skills acquisition, adding new skills to supplement the individuals’ business value, and marketability (capacity to remain employed or seek and be selected for new jobs).

Certainly, for two generations including Gen Z now entering the workforce. Their focus is firmly on growing their personal skill base.

So old competency based learning content, kicking around in the LMS for years – on the ‘proverbial learning shelf’ is just not going to get engagement and support.

Just won’t cut it for the Netflix generation.

“This part sounds like it’s all about the learner – which it is, just before you dismiss that notion, consider this:
If you have created business plans to deliver business outcomes, over the coming year.
And you did that, without the clear and certain knowledge that you have the skills to make the plans a reality.....

Three Core focus areas to deliver outcomes:

1. For the Business learning. Merge if you will, a few things that may affect the learning changes. Firstly – ‘Social Learning tools’ and the ability to collaborate with colleagues in real-time with sophisticated chat, video, file and sharing tools. A near 'must-have' in all 21st century business – pick the platform that meets your needs.

2. Targeted Learning content. Add-in ‘Micro-learning’ of curated content, delivered at the right time. For micro-learning to have the desired effect, it needs to be finely targeted to each individual. Be a single, short focused learning item or learning aspect. Used, ideally to supplement formal training, or competency-based training. Used in either repetition or spaced learning forms. Delivered to cement formal learning concepts into long term memory.

3. Learning Ecosystems. The real change then when you consider this from the learner perspective. Is the adding of external learning resources – Courses, Skills, Articles, Podcast, Books and Videos. Learners are looking for Learner-centric experiences that are Skills based. It therefore essential to track and record all External learning events, where learning has been undertaken and a new Skill or Skills achieved. New capabilities added. Or learners extending their depth of knowledge in specific areas.

This process of individual Skills acquisition. Is a break-through for learners? One that destroys the legacy approach of all that is learned, is from the businesses.

The business, to gain advantage from this approach and to satisfy this new learner approach to Skills acquisition needs a Learning Ecosystem.

A learning ecosystem that incorporates business (LMS) content as well as reach to a plethora of new learning content and resources.

New learning lingua franc needs to be used in business and understood. Firstly, Skills focused. Learning delivered to the learner relevant to the skills acquisition. Tracked and Managed for the individual. An incredible data source to answer the questions above.

‘Life-long Learning’ serve your learners, serve your business – Life-Long Learning is the new currency for success.

This makes 2019, a year of great excitement, a major year of transition to the Skills based Knowledge Economy.

For business, managing tracking, recording this learner journey is essential. To retain employees, grow skills. Share and receive employee value from their new-found capabilities into the business.

For further information in Australia and New Zealand e-mail to

+61 (0)8 8311 3713

Level 3 | 97 Pirie Street | South Australia | SA 5214

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