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You've adopted Mobile learning, but is it working for you?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Learning should be everywhere the learner is - take it mobile, on the road, in the cafe - learn where you are

There are many changes happening in the world of learning and eLearning. There are a plethora of articles, guidance and opinions available, in essence they all boil down to a select few key points - Changes to how and where we learn. What content we learn with. How that learning impacts our jobs and roles in life.

If this year, it’s your plan to get your business into Mobile learning, and you want to be on-trend with technology and new learning directions. Directions that will translate rapidly into Mobile learning outcomes. These 5 steps are those trends, the ones you need to consider and include in your plan to get positive learning outcomes. 

Step 1) Technology

Time to rethink the technology. The old ways of complex learning management systems that can take months to learn are gone. You can take rapid steps to Modernize your existing legacy LMS you may have Cornerstone, SAP, Moodle, Blackboard or any other legacy LMS.

You’re going to need a Platform or modernize and extend your LMS capability so that can it deliver eLearning, Blended learning, Classroom and Webinars as a minimum. It is a better place to be if that short list includes Social Learning, Action Based Learning, x-API (Experience API) - for all external learning, and an integrated LRS - Learning Record Store. API for Corporate Management System connectivity (this plan needs to take your learning forward for several years, so start right with all the tools you need now).

Then you need that platform to deliver micro learning, VIDEO in all forms YouTube, Vimeo, or a Corporate Video streaming service like and all video learning content sources you need to include into learning content. Learners need immediate access to formal and informal learning; you can achieve that now.

Step 2) Video

Video was in highlighted in Step 1 for a reason and the second trend – Video is the ‘new Black’ in terms of learning. Video = Experience, add repetition = Learning outcomes. If you don’t think I’m right, don’t even think about checking YouTube for ‘how do I fix that’ instructions before you tackle that next job in the shed. See how you go.

More than that, video creates, when combined with the Smart phone or Tablet an opportunity to consume micro-learning content a real-time video tool. See it, learn it, do it. Videos can be included in courses and shared on the Agylia LMS Social and Collaboration tools, the Agylia native App allows on-line and off-line learning.

To be totally on-trend take that video to the next stage, think about training that incorporates and delivers ‘Virtual Reality training’ and Augmented (VR and AR) content that the learner can lean into, experience, see, and deeply connect with.

Step 3) Social Learning and Collaboration

If you need reminding, take another look at 'Maslows Hierarchy of needs' – ‘the need to belong' it’s a core basic need for all humans – that means your learners

Harness the power of your people with user generated content

Your biggest asset is your staff. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can release.

Upload community generated content for sharing among different specified learner groups (with optional moderation). 

Give every learner a voice and an opportunity to contribute and provide feedback on the learning programs they undertake.

Agylia's fully integrated commenting capabilities enable learners to start and join conversations around experiences of individual items of learning content, such as eLearning and microlearning courses, videos and support documents. 

Step 4) Micro Learning

The current need of immediacy in learning is taking hold, the third and rapidly emerging trend is replacing long courses and classroom training – we all live fast paced mobile lives, and in an ever changing environment – speed is of the very essence. Learners need curated content delivered to time poor individuals, who have the view of ‘get me on-line now, learning with the right content, and to learn immediately’. That content needs to Micro-learning based, sharply focused and finely targeted with thought provoking, effective subject content, that delivers a concise message. As the learner, I want to engage with brief curated content (right content, to the right learner, and at the right time).

Step 5) – Take it Mobile

Mobile is beyond trend, its here now, ‘working outside the traditional office’ or place of work and study. Business and management processes need to be ready with all the relevant content you need your Learners to access, what they need, where they need it – Mobile. on the device of choice is the only answer. If you follow the first 4 steps you are nearly there. To get you quickly into Mobile Learning, skills, Mobile planning, data and content follow this link and get access to the Agylia - Learning Technology Research - Learning Mobile App, Micro-learning content, the global research data and ingfographic, that will give you input, guidance and feedback on how this could accelerate your Mobile Learning.

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