To Re-invent Corporate learning start with L&D Re-invention

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Reinvention is the great opportunity for L&D teams to take advantage of new learning technologies

L&D have the skill sets to help business 're-invent learning', they will first need to re-invent themselves, leave behind old technologies and apply their skills . Be thought leaders, assist business with learning purpose and new meaning. Apply those skills to how learning is a) delivered and then b) consumed - don't take too long on this piece, your learners have already decided...

As a learner.....

"I need immediacy in the tools available for learning. Tools that 'know me', my learning needs, my skills and skills aspirations. I need real-time access to content that helps me learn new skills to do my job now. I need the tools to deliver on the skills I need next. I want to learn.
I want to do better. More than that, I want some awareness, micro-credentials and recognition for that achievement."

L&D teams are at risk of hanging-on to outdated learning delivery modes and systems, that learners will continue to ignore. That lack of learning content engagement, lack of learning, will damage the business that employs the L&D experts in the first place.


Learners have a new reality, that is need to consume learning now, to meet an urgent requirement to refresh re-skill or up-skill. Learn new skills, new ideas or processes. Those challenges need to be addressed immediately.

Simply put, learning targeted to personal training needs, and able to identify and alert the learner of any knowledge gaps. Alert the business to emerging or existing Skills gaps.

Learning and development (L&D) teams are expected to provide answers. The problem is that traditional approaches which largely rely on live or virtual classroom training and online courses, are missing the mark....

This needs a new platforms and tools - the rapid growth of the LXP (Learning Experience Platform) in the worlds leading businesses and business thinkers - is evidence of that need and new directions. 

An LXP can power the the 'Learner-Loop' cycle below meets the demands of business and the needs of the learners.

Wash, rinse repeat. Skills is the focus, business and personal gains the outcome

The new L&D skill is curation, great content adapted and finessed to the Individual. Curation augmented with data analytics and Machine Learning. Provisioned to team(s) with well targeted Pathways & Groups across the business, to ensure learning is precisely focused & skills needs met. Up-skilling and re-skilling are both skills needed for the job/role now, and aspirational opportunities to be chosen by the learner. In-turn leading the business towards a learning culture.

Finally it must be measurable and reported so the 'Learner Loop' can be clearly understood, tracked and modified as needed. Use the skills knowledge attained, the skills gaps exposed, to measure and understand what skills are needed to close the skills-gaps.

Corporate business needs to be able to design learning solutions to meet a range of specific needs. Then to test and prove that the solution has worked, creating the business impact that was initially intended. Measuring skills and addressing the skills gap are the core drivers to achieve this outcome.

If the business has a range of existing learning content either LMS, SharePoint or a myriad of other types. Content that could be a real contributor to the outcomes you seek, curate the content and position the learning content into the right pathways and groups directed to the learner by their selections.

Machine Learning is your friend. Peer content recommendation, follow thought leaders, follow SME's - Subject Matter Experts.

From the learner perspective you haven't overlooked them as individuals. Pushed unwanted learning at them - the business included content thoughtfully curated, and positioned into the learner chosen pathways.

What new skills or re-skilling means for your learners, is personal recognition for their skills achieved, micro-credentials awarded.
Offers each individual, on-going potential for self-improvement, career advancement, taking on-board new skills or up-skilling.

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