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Re-skill, for the Skills needed next...

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Re-skill to work with new technologies. Machine Learning - ML, AI, Robots, Co-bots - new skills to stay ahead

Some businesses see this differently. If you’re thinking you’ll wait to see what new skills will become the ‘in-demand skills of the fourth industrial revolution’ – I can understand the notion – forearmed is forewarned etc.

However, if that’s the plan. I just want to sound the ‘warning gun’ for you - the real issue for your business will emerge; some of the key skills you’re going to need, will be the hardest fought for, least available skills, and the highest priced in the Talent market place battle(s).

Just at the time you plan to select them. I wish you good luck.

Time then, to consider which of those Skills you already have in the business has the capacity to be Up-Skilled or Re-Skilled into new areas – save yourselves from market subjugation and disappointment ‘in the highest bidder talent marketplace’ – take charge of the Talent process from within.

Why from within the business? Firstly, they’re your loyal employee talent bank, will remain loyal and respect your selection of them - in fact your selection of them enhances that respect. Re-skilling them, to remain in market competitive, skilled roles, and in-demand jobs, they’re already team players, and know your business. They are 'your keepers'.

In fact, it’s a clear demonstration to your employees of a Learning Culture.

This early action by ‘jumping out-of-the-blocks at the warning gun’, has the business running fast, at the front of the field (feels like cheating really)…building talent in new areas, growing a pool of team SME’s (subject matter experts) with new skills, who can help deliver the ‘cross team growth’ of those new skills – who says cheating doesn’t pay-off!

Once you have the data on ‘What skills do we have’, you can plan what skills you need and the pathway(s) to transition from the skills you have, to the skills you need next.

Creating a learning culture, and tangible excitement around learning across all the employees and teams.

Clear knowledge of the value of learning and contributions that can be made with that learning, by all staff. Will pay significant dividends. Not least, is removing the Business distraction by the upcoming talent battles.

Remember the best way to survive any battle, is to watch it, from a safe place.

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John Driscoll


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