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RIP the LMS? Not quite, I think it twitched…

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Warm-up the Paddles it may have a good useful life yet...

The invisible, 'unfindable LMS' is the subject of some serious scorn these days and L&D, HR and CLO’s are criticised for their continued support and promotion of out-dated irrelevant content.

So, is there a better way for Corporate’s to manage the charge by learners in the opposite direction. Ceasing to disturb the LMS sleeping (or worse) in the corner?

There may be, this solution can’t fix any old-out-of-date-LMS-content, that’s down to the HR, L&D teams to sort-out. However, if you really require your learners to access and utilize old-out-of-date-LMS-content to learn from, to learn what your business needs, then to understand how to do what it purports. The problem lies elsewhere – much, much closer to the top. See this article on 'Building a Learning Culture'.

The solution to getting learners to engage is an easier one to solve – use an LXP.

L&D can engage with learners building Groups, Pathways, Skills and Roles with relevant, curated learning – SME (Subject matter Experts) can engage and share, provide thought leadership to groups, individuals, social learning. Learners keen to learn more, have access to a vast sea of learning content – free, subscription, video, podcasts, articles and web-sites, and yes from your own LMS. The core skill for L&D to make this happen is curation. Curation is the next core skill L&D need to stay relevant and valued in Business.

LXP’s like Degreed - Meet Degreed – offer a respite to learners. Learners can take charge of their own Skills. Define what they know now, by skill and skill level, fine-tune learning to up-skill and add new skills. Reach out to a vast amount of subscription and free content to support their personal drive and ambition to learn.

Yes, you’ve picked it, for learners and the fast emerging 4th Industrial revolution, it is all about Skills and Knowledge.
"If your learning systems are hampering the learners desire to be a key contributor to that future economy, to their own part in it. You can stop wondering now, why they are not using the LMS. It’s in the way. If you’re actively promoting the LMS to those learners with old irrelevant content then sorry, but your business is in the way too."

Good LMS content, well designed, structured and relevant. Served and curated to the right learners. Will be consumed by learners. There is a caveat here, if you have an old out-of-date-LMS, that is plain clunky, hard to use, lacking connections and new technologies to connect to your business systems – do the right thing, put it out of its misery.

Learners engaged on their personal learning journeys along Learning Pathways in Degreed, will consume, and engage with, the relevant content on that Pathway. Degreed use a wealth of algorithms, and machine learning (ML) to provide learner suggestions for skills, groups, pathways, career roles, content that will excite and support learning outcomes. New Skills. Learning becomes a daily habit. Habits change what learners can do.

If your LMS is a sensible contributor that process – let it live. Plan for its next birthday party. Avoid party poppers if its old – they scare easily…

John Driscoll


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