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Strategic Path to build a modern Learning Ecosystem

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Take a strategic path to a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Planning to migrate your current LMS to a new one? Just for a moment take a step back to read this approach. Make your life easier. Achieve better learning outcomes.

Firstly, Migration is a fraught issue and the reason most LMS suppliers don’t want to get involved. Or if they do, it’s a multi-month or yearlong plus project for some.

That comes at high cost. Be warned not all who set-out, get to the destination they were planning on.

Secondly does the migration target LMS have the new learning technologies. Connections that will be needed now or in-the-near-future.

There is a potential safe path that might just make sense to avoid the risks of LMS migration. Take-a-look at this as an approach:

Take this path to some better rewards at the destination

If this looks like an easier approach. You’re right it is. All could be up and running quickly, usually achieved in 6 – 8 weeks.

OK, the first path image above, got you to a better place. Much better than just an LMS migration alone. You now have a world-class Modern learning tool-set.

But wait you cry, we still have the old LMS – you do, correct. How long, is up to you. You can now apply new learning tools to legacy courses, re-write, update and adjust content.

Check advocacy and use, monitor relevance to current learners with Analytics. See what the Social feedback is for the course, remove and edit courses or re-write. Add new content with the HTML5/x-API compliant easy content creation tool.

Reward all learners with CPD points earned and apply Gamification for encouragement.

Add-in x-API external learning resources, to extend learners access to any appropriate learning content repositories and providers. Both Free and Subscription.

Giving your learners access to learn from the right content, recommend and share with fellow learners. Record, manage, and track all their learning inside and outside the organisation.

Beyond that, the Agylia learning tool set comes with full API connection capability for HR, CRM, ERP. API integration to update core corporate systems. Even a range of payment gateways for paid secure external access to your content.

I am prepared to gamble you’ll choose to remove the old LMS long before you could have completed the original migration you had planned. However you can choose to retain it too. Utilizing all that existing learning content.

Ok, together we safely navigated the four steps quickly and easily. Now what have you got?

Something very like this. Ready to deliver modern learning experiences to your learners.

A massive shift potentially achieved, over and above a simple LMS to LMS migration. Your learning architecture could look like this now:

This is the destination that can lead to new learning places

Like to know how we can do this for you?

Contact AgylisANZ to discuss better learning pathways.

+61 (0)8 8311 3713

Level 3 | 97 Pirie Street | South Australia | SA 5214

Check this capability and other features here

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