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Take a new look at Corporate learning - 5 Step Plan

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Take your learning global, mobile and in any language

Many organisations are a ‘Blended business'. Growing and morphing over time to the shape they are today. Acquisitions, now divisions, globally located. Travelling and Learning becomes a major cost to the rapidly growing business.

Travel and mobility - demands different learning engagements.

Useful data like the Agylia Report on Mobile learning technologies (see full report here).

Supports a body of evidence that learners will commit, engage and learn on a mobile device as first choice. At a time that suits them.

That global growth, may also mean a quickly evolving business with diverse learning needs. Consumer, Contractor, Client or Channel.

The issue becomes not how to enrol learners into F2F training, but how to engage remote learners wherever they are.

Engage them with learning content that interests and develops the new and changing culture of the business’.

Empowering individuals to learn more, want to learn more. Achieved in a cost effective and ongoing manner.

To be better contributors to the business and deliver improved customer and partner engagements.

“The pace of change will not slow…”

The next real business issue is the learning content – remember all those years ago, Bill Gates said of the emerging Internet world way back in his 1996 Essay,”Content is King”.

It was futuristic then. Now just an essential issue for any businesses on-a-daily-basis. The need to deliver that learning content securely via the Cloud. Targeted to the individual, device of choice, and at a time of the learners choosing.

“This may even mean several LMS's in the 'Group' - what now?
Migration becomes a huge technical barrier to learning improvements.”

Most organisations approach this, searching for a new LMS to deliver and fix the issues.

However, they can quickly hit 'road-blocks’:

Migration – Customization - global access - Mobility and Content, all challenges to resolve.

As a business grows through mergers & acquisitions it may have collected (quite often the case) multiple LMS’s. The business must change those quickly to meet the Corporate ‘look and feel’.

So here is a 5 step Plan - That takes a fresh look at how to get this done:

1) Keep the existing LMS(s) in place and publish to the Agylia Learning Ecosystem - take existing courses to the Cloud, Mobile and global

2) Add New learning technologies, xAPI, API, and an integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) – all come into play to save the day.

Keep the LMSs you have, publish your existing course content to Agylia learning ecosystem to use new learning tools. Extend your existing courses to learners through a secure global cloud.

Keep the existing LMS(s) in place and publish to the Agylia Learning solution - take existing courses to the Cloud, Mobile and global

3) Create multiple global customized learner portals each with a unique Corporate look and feel. Each specific to the target Audience.

4) Deliver to Mobile Native APPs - iOS & Android. Learning consumed on-line or off-line.

5) Use xAPI to add external/internal learning content from any relevant source to the individual personal learning record – Learning Record Store (LRS)

Once over these major hurdles.

You can now consider new learning delivery techniques 70-20-10, or adding micro-learning to support learning uptake and completion.

Include Gamification to the learning modules. Social learning and externally tracked courses and skills achieved recorded via x-API.

If you think your current learning environment is a sticking point, it’s time to let Agylia help you out, and get you onto the fast-track to a Modern Learning Ecosystem.


For further information mail to

+61 (0)8 8311 3713

Level 3 | 97 Pirie Street | South Australia | SA 5214

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