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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Take the lead with global customer training, Channel and Re-seller Training

I’m wondering if Corporate Marketers are missing a major marketing opportunity and the potential consumer value of an learning management system. Certainly a learning ecosystem that can be fully integrated via API connectors into your CRM and or ERP. 

Over my consumer career, I have purchased hundreds (probably 1000’s) of items large and small and wondered soon after. "I wonder how you…"

I could be alone on this, I diligently fill-out the registration forms for warranty etc. – and can report I have never, really, never, had any contact of any kind from the organisations in question. So I am guessing my first proposition could be right…

So how well would it work if that product registration form duly completed. Entitled me to enroll into simple Cloud based course that delivered product introduction. Installation, training, ways to use product or service. Ideas to extend its value to me. Or even things you can make with a product xxxx. 

It would make me a committed and a future customer (cross-sell, add-ons’). Armed with that kind of learning and understanding = more opportunities to buy/need more. So, it would make pure sense. I wonder how many people change the product they bought, simply because they didn’t know it did x,y or z?

Just saying that, makes me think of Car Manuals – read yours..really?? How about a training video on the Car Audio system, Connecting your iPhone, adjusting things, set-up etc. etc.. All things the sales person said it could do, and now you dear car owner, for the life of you, you can’t seem to figure out! I’m not the only one it seems, with a car clock that is only correct 6 months of the year… A brief video could bring all these features into use - product loyalty.

Build consumer based Corporate branded portals based product, group, division, or global location

An easy to use learning envirnment incorporating mobile Native App’s delivering to the consumer simple short 60 secs Microlearning. Or for more detail eLearning courses could be the fix to all this. Make additional sales or enhance product loyalty whist doing it. Easy to manage from a Corporate perspective.

Catalogue, create Content categories and create Channels based on content type, short videos, PowerPoints, PDF’s or Microsoft Office documents.

Searching You Tube works I guess, but is watching someone levering the thing you bought apart necessary, if you just knew where the release catch was…

From a cost perspective if you chose a Modern learning ecosystem that had the ability to deliver required training securely to Corporate internal audiences. Deliver learning content to external clients, consumers, partners, re-sellers.  Content that could be delivered via multiple unique designed portals. Corporate or product Branded as required.

Cloud based, secure and Global – the net cost would be minimal to the business and the opportunity of gain for ‘Consumer Sales relationships’ is massive.

Starting to think more of the analytics capability of the learning ecosystem, being able to asses markets, sales potential based on:

  • Sales alone

  • Sales that include a level of consumer learning

  • Consumer loyalty based on level of learning

  • Add-on sales to educated consumers

  • Skills of sales agents/channels - associated with regional sales results

The marketers reading this will quickly correct or add to this this list - please comment for all to read

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