Webinar | Enabling the workforce of the Future - Skills & Internal mobility

Updated: May 7

Talent Engagement, Skills & Internal Mobility

If maintaining & hiring skills is an issue or challenge in your business.

Watch this webinar recording - Recording Link below.

A good walk-through of the Organisational potential of Talent Management aligned to Skills.

Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling for individuals to stay relevant in the workplace. For Business to access and employ the right skills at the right time. To maintain their business skills, develop new skills and up-skill to meet new demands.

"Posted with my thanks to Adepto for inviting me as the guest speaker on the Skills component - The alignment of Adepto & Degreed platforms creates a significant value proposition in the Corporate world of skills management, growth and employ-ability."

Watch the 'Adepto Webinar' by Louise Anderson and Sunette Carroll of Adepto - Guest speaker on Skills - John Driscoll, Agylis ANZ Partner for Degreed - Australia & New Zealand

To learn all you want, or need to understand about the Skills Quotient - follow this link:


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