Your business is under pressure -need new skills now - what next?

Updated: Mar 20

If you’re a CEO and your worried about this – “Do we have the right Skills to win?” You would be in close alignment with nearly 79% of your peers around the globe.

My very first recommendation to you is to take a big picture view of the business you run now and make a decision about who owns the answer for you.

Right now, there appears to be great confusion in the learning market, not helped by an avalanche of learning solutions all using the same ‘buzz driven wording’ and commitment to solving the problem – my guess is this is just not helping you at all.

But the reality remains whose question is it to own. Who must solve this issue, find the solution and deliver the answer for you?

Many suggest its HR, but I’m on their side on this one – many things are down to HR, however skills, up-skilling and re-skilling, corporate learning culture is not. (The only caveat to that comment, is if you have a CHRO already). Hiring new people with the right skills for today is however. Tomorrow it's your issue again – see the list below:

OK, so it belongs with L&D – the same small team trying to run the LMS. The LMS that interests no-one, the same team that are overwhelmed with the notion they own this issue, without the right tools or the resources, to know where to even start. And the speed of change, new learning demands, new content demands increases each and every day…

Could be a wrong turn that one… LMS’s in a large part have totally failed to deliver on skills, re-skilling or up-skilling – great job of push learning at scale, compliance training and the like – if only the workforce cared at all… it would be great.

So as the CEO - re-invention of the current team to cover skills, is one option you could take;

  • who should own this?

  • who will run with it?

  • who will make sure of the alignment between Skills and your own business strategy?

  • who will ensure you have the right skills and capability as the new plans emerge? As new technologies take a position in the business – who?

The simple and easy answer for you – is the ‘Workforce you have now’ – ask Degreed how to make this work for you and leave HR and L&D alone. They will all be busy re-skilling and up-skilling for the new skills you need next.

Read the joint research, done on a global scale by Degreed and Harvard Business Publishing, Corporate Learning “How the workforce Learns in 2019”

Read the research, get the facts.

Follow the link, complete your details and we’ll send you a .pdf document of all the research. No junk mail follow-up, no unsolicited marketing, and no ‘dumb offer’ e-mails coming your way.

Pretty sure you’ll want to know more in any case…you can e-mail me back if you do.

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